Eye-Catching Outfit Ideas for New Year's Eve 2019

Jacob Chan
Eye-Catching Outfit Ideas for New Year's Eve 2019

There are many occasions to dress up throughout the year, but none packs more pizazz than New Year’s Eve. It is an event that has a twinkling ball and fireworks as the central focus, after all. Add the ample amounts of sparkling wine and pounding music, and you have the recipe for a no-holds-barred night of unadulterated decadence. This is why it is paramount to look the part.

“The holidays are a time where you really want to make a splash,” says David Chines, the founder of Copious Row, a luxury retailer that opened a new store in Boston. “Wear something unexpected, eye catching, and celebratory. Use the opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with a trend or style you’ve been admiring. It’s all about having fun and being the star of your fête.”

From a flirty dress and bold earrings to a spiffy suit and tie, a New Year’s Eve party will be filled with guests dressed to impress. Indeed, most will likely take the conventional approach: sequins, bows and black tuxedos. These are tried-and-true motifs that will never go out of style. But as Chines points out, to really make an impactful statement, avoid these clichés. “Think about putting together a chic and sophisticated look that accents your best features,” he said. “You don’t need to be decked in those predictable elements.”

With that in mind, take a chance on something unexpected, something that’ll make heads turn and usher you into 2019 with style.

Check out these outfit ideas before you walk out the door this New Year’s Eve.

For Her

Something sparkly may be the preferred mode of dress for New Year’s Eve, but you can achieve the same flirty vibe with polka dots. While there’ll most likely be a sea sequence at the party, stand out in the best way with this elegant shoulder-less dress from Oscar de la Renta. Pair it with dangling earrings from Larkspur & Hawk, which will accentuate your neck and collar, and crystal-embellished mules from Manolo Blahnik. Then finish off the look with a great cocktail ring from Nina Runsdorf and an emerald-green clutch from Roger Vivier.

Eye-Catching Outfit Ideas for New Year's Eve 2019 For Her

For Him

Ladies don’t need to have all the fun when it comes to dressing up. Unless the party calls for black tie, experiment with prints and colors. Just make sure to avoid anything too kitschy that’ll make you the joke of the party instead if the life of it. To achieve this, try Saint Laurent’s jacquard jacket, which walks the fine line between fun and formal. Then spice it up with a matching burgundy bow tie from Favourbrook and scarf from the Kooples. Now balance out these statement-making pieces with a sleek trouser from Roberto Cavalli and oxfords from Salvatore Ferragamo.

Eye-Catching Outfit Ideas for New Year's Eve 2019 For Him

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